As far as senses go, our sense of smell is such an esoteric one. Scents are personal and evocative, reminding us of our favorite places or pulling us back to a time in our lives that we wish to remember. Scent defines us, it is an integral part of our style. Maybe you have a signature scent. I know I do. And that’s why your beauty products should be scented the way you like them or maybe not at all if scents are overwhelming for you.

One of my favorites scents is books. Old books seem to be a pretty popular scent if you look at candle companies and the offerings they have. But I also love the scent of freshly printed books. I love cracking open a new book or a lushly designed magazine and smelling that fresh ink on the page. You see, my dad was a printer and when I was little he would take me to the print shop when he was working on a job and we would look at the freshly printed paper, rolling off the press, to make sure the color was synced up properly, from page to page. And smelling a freshly printed page takes me right back to that childhood memory.

Now would I wear the smell of new books on my person or put it in my beauty care products? LOL, no. But your scent memories do give me an idea of where to start the journey of what scents would be best for you if that kind of thing makes you scratch your head and say “I don’t know what my signature scent/s are.” It’s all about scent and chemistry. At Belle Alchemy we help you create your own Scent Story.