It’s not really much of a confession to say I’m a beauty product junkie. Everyone who knows me knows that I take my self-care seriously. And being in the beauty industry my whole adult life has led me to easy access to beauty products and a deeper understanding of it. 

I’m a nerd when it comes to the science behind why certain products work the way they do. But in all my life of trying products, I rarely find the perfect one. And if I do, it usually gets discontinued before I can stock up. So frustrating! Even more frustrating than that are the products that are almost right. Like this product does everything I want it to but I hate the scent. Or this product would be great if it just had X ingredient instead. That’s why I created Belle Alchemy. I figured if I were looking for custom products, so were other people! I want you to be in control of your beauty and self-care. 

Let me know how I can help you make the product of your dreams!