There is nothing more beautiful to me than taking a walk through the woods and seeing all the green sprouting up all around. Little green gems sprouting out of the ground reassure us that life is cyclical and there is a season for everything. When I started on my journey to make beauty care products, I wasn’t really thinking about plants, but it’s not that surprising that that’s where my beauty journey took me.

The more I looked at the ingredients I loved in my products, the more I realized that the majority of those ingredients are plant-based. And in creating something beautiful for you, I wanted to use those ingredients. The ones I felt were the most effective and natural: plants! So even though I already had years of experience with cosmetic chemistry and skincare science, I decided to train to become an herbalist. And all I can say is “Whoa!”, were my eyes opened then!

We live in strange times, my friends, and I’m here to tell you a little secret that all herbalists know; plants are going to save us. LOL, I know what you’re thinking, that I’ve gone off the deep end. But before you fashion me a tinfoil hat, consider this; for almost every ailment that you can think of, there is a plant remedy. Plus: more plants = more oxygen = healthier environment. So know that every product that is made for you at Belle Alchemy is not only made to your desire but also with the finest ingredients out there; all with a little help from our plant allies. Be well and green with beauty!